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SEO Recommendations & Suggestions

Demandwell's powerful approach to making tangible ranking improvements

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Demandwell performs real-time analysis and continual monitoring of key pages on your site, to ensure they're positioned best to rank well in search results.

These checks are performed against Primary Pages that you set in your Managed SEO Campaigns, and each check will result in new recommendations for how to improve any page for the keywords you care about most.

Additionally, each recommendation in Demandwell comes with context on what was found, how to improve it, and even personalized, AI-powered suggestions on things like Headers, Title Tags, and Meta Descriptions.

Recommendations List

Demandwell provides automated recommendations for these SEO considerations:

  • Title Tags

  • Meta Descriptions

  • Content Length

  • Header Tags

  • Page Speed

  • Canonical Tags

  • 404 & HTTP Status Errors

  • Robots.txt

  • Secured Server, HTTPS, and SSL

Demandwell Title Tag Recommendation

Contextual AI Suggestions

Some recommendations from Demandwell come with suggested values, and the ability to use generative AI to come up with new suggestions in real time.

AI Suggestions take into account the keyword you want to rank for, the Primary Page content you want to rank, and any existing values that are currently published on that page.

Demandwell AI Suggestions

Suggestions you generate can be easily copied to your clipboard for pasting into your website CMS or wherever they need to go.

Unlimited AI Suggestions can be generated for:

  • ✨ Title Tag values ✨

  • ✨ Meta Description text ✨

  • ✨ Header Tag values ✨

Automated Recommendations

Most customer accounts are configured to ensure that every Primary Page receives at least 1 status check every 24 hours. Different Primary Pages may receive these updates at different times of the day.

When a Primary Page is checked by Demandwell, all prior recommendations for that Primary Page, within that campaign are removed, and new recommendations will take their place.

Over time this provides a few advantages:

  • You get new recommendations for the Primary Page.

  • Recommendations that were addressed do not appear again, because an issue was resolved.

  • Recommendations that were not addressed do continue to appear because an issue persists.

  • Recommendations you addressed in the past but which then regressed will re-emerge as new recommendations to fix, again.

Dismissing & Resolving Recommendations

You may select to Dismiss any recommendation or "Mark it as Resolved".

Doing so will effectively hide the recommendation from the current recommendation list.

Demandwell Dismiss and Complete Recommendation

If you Dismiss or Resolve a recommendation and an underlying issue persists, that recommendation will return to the list the next time Demandwell automatically checks the status of that Primary Page.

How to Get Recommendations

Recommendations in Demandwell will be generated for Keywords in Managed Campaigns that have Primary Page URLs assigned to them.

Ensure that you have a Managed Campaign, and that at least 1 Keyword in it has a Primary Page assigned.

Demandwell Campaign Keywords

Demandwell Set Primary Page

If you don't have a Primary Page assigned, Demandwell will generate a recommendation to do so, in order to receive further recommendations.

Demandwell Primary Page Recommendation

If you have assigned Primary Pages to Keywords in a Managed Campaign and are not receiving new recommendations, contact your SEO Success Manager or email

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