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Writing SEO Content with the AI Writer
Writing SEO Content with the AI Writer

How to use Demandwell's AI Writer to create an outline and generate SEO content.

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Demandwell's AI Writer supercharges SEO content production by combining Generative AI, real-time SEO Data, and your personalized Search Identity to generate content outlines, write full SEO copy, and quickly analyze & revise the finished product.


Using Demandwell's AI Writer workflow to create SEO Content looks like this:

  1. Add content to your Content Plan

  2. Generate an outline

  3. Customize & configure the outline

  4. Generate written content

  5. Analyze and revise the final copy

  6. Mark as published

Step by Step Walkthrough

Step 1 - Add Content to your Content Plan

Add a content piece for your desired keyword to the Content Plan, using the green "Add Content" button.

Demandwell Add to Plan

Step 2 - Generate an Outline

Click the blue, "Let's get started" button on the content piece you want to order.

Demandwell Content Plan

Select the "Demandwell AI" option from the menu that appears and click "Generate Outline"

Demandwell AI Writer

Select the "Demandwell AI" option from the menu that appears and click "Generate Outline"

Demandwell Confirm Outline

You should see a success message like the one below, once the outline has started to be created. This process may take a few minutes.

Demandwell Outline Generating

While the outline is being generated, it will appear on the "Outlining" tab of the Content Plan, with a blue "Generating outline..." loading state.

Demandwell Outline Generating

When the outline is finished, it will automatically appear in the "Outlining" tab of the Content Plan with a blue button to "Review outline" in the AI Writer too.

Demandwell Outline Ready

You'll also get an email notification when the outline is ready to be reviewed.

Demandwell Outline Notification

Step 3 - Customize & Configure the Outline

To see & manage your Outline, click the "Review outline" button in either Demandwell or the email notification.

In the AI Writer tool, you'll be able to:

  • Outline Tab - Customize the outline sections, including headers, word count, and section keywords

  • Generate Tab - Configure your writing prompt, instructions, and tone of voice for generative AI writing.

  • Edit Tab - Manage & revise generated content, rewrite entire blocks of content using AI, and get a full analysis of keywords in your final copy.

Customize your Outline:

Demandwell Outline Generator

Customize your AI Prompting & Instructions:

Demandwell Instructions and Prompts

Step 4 - Generate Written Content

When you're ready to generate content, click the "Write it!" button on the top of the Generate Tab in the AI Writer. This will automatically take you to the Edit tab, where you can see content generation in progress.

The full, written content will appear on the Edit tab, once it's ready to be displayed.

This will just take a few minutes at most.

Step 5 - Analyze and revise the Final Copy

Once your content is ready, it will display in the body of the Edit Tab in the AI Writer.

With content in the AI Writer you can:

  • See analysis of keyword inclusion and word count of written copy

  • Edit content, directly in-line.

  • Use the re-writing assistant to select text and use AI to re-write entire sections.

Content not quite right?

You can navigate back to the Outline and Generate tabs at any point to change sections, keywords, and prompts. Just use the "Write it!" button to re-write the full content as much as you want!

Demandwell Publish Content

Step 6 - Mark as Published

Finally, once you've published your content on a live page, be sure to tell Demandwell the URL with the "Mark as Published" button.

πŸ‘‰ Marking pages as published allows you to get full reporting insights, track content performance, and include them as Primary Pages in your SEO Campaigns.

"Mark as Published" can be found directly in the AI Writer...

Demandwell Mark as Published

You can also mark content as published from the Content Plan view...

Demandwell Publish Content

Enter the URL of the published page, and confirm.

Demandwell Publish URL

Content that you've marked as published can be found on the Published tab of your Content Plan.

Demandwell Published Content

You'll also receive an email confirmation when the content is successfully marked as published. This can serve as a helpful paper trail for activity in the future.

Demandwell Published Confirmation
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