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Order Content Writing from Outline
Order Content Writing from Outline

How to order content writing from Demandwell, after you create your own outline

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If you've purchased content orders from our Content Production Team, you can place those orders directly in Demandwell.


In general, the process of ordering content writing from an outline follows these steps:

  1. Create & customize your outline in Demandwell.

  2. Writing begins once you Order writing from the outline.

  3. We'll notify you when the finished content is available in Demandwell.

    1. Writing typically takes about 1 week.

Details & Walkthrough

Step 1 - Add to Plan

Add a content piece for your desired keyword to the Content Plan, using the green "Add Content" button.

Demandwell Content Plan

Demandwell Adding Content

Step 2 - Open the Content Menu

Click the blue, "Let's get started" button on the content piece you want to order.

Demandwell New Content

Step 3 - Select the Order Option

Select the ordering option from the menu that appears and click "Place Order"

Demandwell Ordering Content

Step 4 - Confirm Outlining Details

In the confirmation window, select "No - I'll build the Outline myself" and click the green button to confirm.

Demandwell DIY Outline

You should see a success message to confirm that Demandwell is generating the outline.

Demandwell Outline Confirmation

The content piece will appear on the "Outlining" tab of the Content Plan, with a loading status that indicates the outline is currently being generated.

Demandwell Generating Outline

This should only take a few minutes at most.

Step 5 - Complete Your Outline

When the outline is finished and ready to be viewed, it will appear on the "Outlining" tab of the Content Plan with a blue "Review outline" button.

Demandwell Review Outline

You should also receive an email confirmation when the outline is completed.

Demandwell Outline Complete

πŸ‘‰ Click on the "Review outline" button in the email or on the Content Plan to open the generated outline in Demandwell.

πŸ‘‰ Using the Outliner tool, customize the keywords, outline structure, and writing instructions as desired.

Step 5 - Order Content Writing

When you're ready to order content, click the "Order Content" button at the top of the Outliner page.

Demandwell Outline Ordering

Select the order option in the confirmation window and click the Green button to place the order.

Demandwell Confirm Order

✨ Your order has been successfully placed! ✨

You may exit the Outliner page at any time now.

Your ordered content piece will appear on the "In progress" tab of the Content Plan, with a status indicating that content has been ordered.

You should also receive an email confirmation with the details of the order:

Demandwell Content Order Notification

That's it for now - You'll get an email notification when the finished content is ready.

Step 6 - Receive Finished Content

Content writing usually takes about 1 week, and you'll receive an email notification when it's ready.

Demandwell Content Delivery Notification

Delivered content will appear on the "Ready for review" tab of the Content Plan, with a blue "Analyze Content" button.

πŸ‘‰ To view the delivered content - Click the "View Content" button in the email notification or the "Analyze content" button in the Content Plan.

Demandwell Content Analysis

If you leave Demandwell or close the content, you can find it again later on the "Ready for review" tab, with a gray "Mark as Published" button. You can use the 3-dot menu on the right to "Analyze content" and open it again for viewing & editing.

Demandwell Content Review
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