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A quick look at how Demandwell helps you scale SEO content production

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Getting Started

Once you've added a content piece to your Content Plan, click the blue "Let's Get Started" button to see the available options for creating content.

The Content Menu

The menu that appears will look similar to the image below. Different options may be recommended or pre-selected, based on your account settings and the number of Content Orders you have remaining.

Each option allows you to determine how to produce SEO content in the best way that fits your desired workflow.

See below for an overview and details of each option.

Managed AI Outlining & Writing

Lowest lift to keep SEO on track.

If you've purchased content orders, use this option to send orders to our Content Team

One-Click Content

Fastest DIY content option.

Leverage AI to automatically create a content outline and use it to get full SEO content written, in a single click.

Demandwell AI

Most hands-on (but still way better than the old way...)

Use Demandwell AI to build your own outline and generate content, with full control over each step of the process.

Create Manually

Manually manage our standalone content tools for legacy workflows. (Generally not recommended)

Managed AI Outlining & Writing

"Managed AI" is Demandwell's content production service that combines your strategy, SEO Data, and Generative AI with a layer of hands-on human oversight, and can be used by customers on an annual agreement, who purchase content orders as part of their agreement.

Content ordering provides you with two additional options to suit your workflow:

  1. Demandwell builds an outline, you approve it, and we create full SEO content based on what you approve.

  2. Alternatively, you may choose to create your own outline first, and then submit it to Demandwell for content writing when you're ready.

Ordering Content from Demandwell in this way is backed by our Content Guarantee.

Turnaround time is generally 2 weeks from order, depending on how quickly you approve outlines along the way.

By collaborating with your SEO Success Manager on an effective strategy, and using Demandwell to place orders for new content, you can easily keep your content program on an effective and efficient path.

Talk to your SEO Success Manager or email if you'd like to discuss adding content ordering to your account.

One-Click Content

One-Click Content is Demandwell's latest workflow that streamlines outlining and content writing into a single-step workflow. With a single click, Demandwell takes your chosen keyword and desired content settings, performs real-time keyword research and creates an effective content outline, then uses Generative AI to write full SEO copy against that outline.

The process only takes a few minutes, and when it's done you'll be able to see the full copy in Demandwell's AI Writer tool. You'll get a full analysis of the written content & included keywords, as well as the ability to edit and revise. You can even see the outline that was created, edit it, and re-generate the written content based on new keywords, instructions, and prompts.

One-Click Content is the fastest path from Keyword to Content.

Demandwell AI

If you want a little more control than One-Click Content provides from the start, this option lets you use the Demandwell AI Writer to go through the workflow, step by step.

First, Demandwell will generate an Outline for you based on real-time keyword research, and your content settings. Then, you'll be able to customize the outline structure & keywords as you see fit.

Next, you can customize instructions and prompts for our AI Writer. This step lets you control the tone of voice and the audience to be written for. You can also provide customized instructions and prompts for every section of your outline.

Finally, the AI Writer will generate SEO content based on your instructions. When it's ready, you'll get a full breakdown of keyword inclusion and can edit, revise, or even re-generate content as much as you'd like.

Create Manually

This option is reserved for legacy customers and is not recommended at this time.

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