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The AI Writer combines realtime keyword outlines with generative AI so you can create & edit effective SEO copy on your own, in minutes.

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The AI Writer experience is made up of 3 tabs:

  1. Outline - This tab lets you see & manage a keyword-based content outline that will form the basis of AI text generation.

  2. Generate - This tab provides controls for managing how you want text to be generated for your SEO content.

  3. Edit - This tab shows you generated content, allows you to write and rewrite content with AI, and provides an SEO Effectiveness score from Demandwell's Analyzer.

Goal: By using the AI Writer, you can create a fully publishable & effective piece of SEO copy that will increase your organic rankings, impressions, and traffic, in just a few minutes, all by yourself.

Getting Started

Step 1 - Add a new content piece to your Content Plan in Demandwell.

Step 2 - click "Let's Get Started".

Step 3 - Select the Demandwell AI option, and confirm your selection.

Step 4 - Demandwell will begin the process of automatically creating an outline for your content piece, using real time keyword data.

Step 5 - Once the outline is ready, click the "Review Outline" button to open the Demandwell AI Writer.

The Outlining Tab

When you first open a content piece in the AI Writer, you'll see the outline that's been automatically created for it, using real-time keyword data.

SEO Outlines in Demandwell are made up of topical sections. Each section has a header keyword (H2), and a list of relevant section keywords.

On the Outline Tab, you have full control over the keywords that are included, how many sections are in the outline, the header keywords, and word count.

Did you Know? Demandwell lets you create an exclusion list to prevent undersired types of keywords from appearing in outlines. Read more about Outline Keyword Excluding here.

The Generate Tab

AI generated text in Demandwell uses your Outline as the basis for writing SEO copy.

The Generate tab contains a set of overall and per-section controls that allow you to customize how that text is generated.

"All Section" Prompt Controls

This section of controls can be used to bulk-set controls for all sections of the outline, and to provide additional instructions that apply to all sections of copy that are generated by AI.

  • Tone of Voice - This control tells the AI what tone of voice is to be used when writing.

  • Writer Role - This control gives the AI a type of person to pretend to be when writing.

  • Audience - This control tells the AI a type of audience that it should write for.

  • Additional Prompt Instructions - This text area allows you to provide additional requests & prompts to the AI. Anything you enter here, will be provided in the prompt for each of the sections in your content outline.

  • Custom Prompt (**Experimental**) - Demandwell's AI Writer uses your prompt controls within a framework that's optimized to deliver the appropriate type of SEO performance content that we know performs in search. If you use the Custom Prompt option, the text you enter will be the ONLY prompt given to the AI Writer for each section of your outline. When this option is used, no part of Demandwell's internal prompting structure is used.

Per Section Prompt Controls

Each section of your outline contains the same set of prompt controls as above. These can be automatically set to match the "All Sections" controls easily, or you can customize them per-section to finely control the text generation for each section.

"Additional Prompt Instructions" that are added for an individual section are added in-addition to any "Additional Prompt Instructions" entered in the "All Sections" controls.

Word Count can be set per-section, to give the AI Writer a target for how many words you'd like each section to contain.

Instruction Templates - If you have prompt instructions you want to use regularly, you can create Instruction Templates in Demandwell and easily select to use them on any conten piece. Learn more about Instruction Templates here.

Customizing Prompt Options

Want an option that's not in the list? No problem!

Step 1 - When you select any of the dropdown controls on the Generate Tab, you can type in a custom option to add it to the list.

Step 2- Once you've added a custom option, it can be selected and will be passed to the AI Writer.

Text Generation

When you're ready to begin text generation, simply click the "Write It!" button.

Once text generation has started, you'll be taken to the Edit tab, where you'll be able to see the text, once it's all written. Text will automatically load into the content body when the AI Writer has finished.

The Edit Tab

The Edit tab is where you can see and edit AI generated copy (or any content you paste in).

This tab provides a fully editable text area, an analysis of the written copy based on the Outline you created, and an AI-powered Rewritting Assistant that helps you rapidly revise content.

Content Analysis

The Edit Tab includes a scorecard that analyzes word count and keyword inclusion. These scores update in real time as you edit copy and keywords in your content.

The Edit Tab also shows a list of keywords from your content outline, and shows whether or not they are included in your written content so far

Fuzzy Matching - Keywords marked with a yellow check are close enough to existing text to count as a viable keyword. You can click on these keywords to see what text is closesly matching, and easily make edits if you wish.

The AI Rewriting Assistant

The AI Rewriting Assistant is a tool designed to help you easily revise any written copy from any source, to speed up the editing process.

To use the AI Rewriting Assistant, simply select any portion of written text.

You'll be able to see the number of words in your selection, and you can use the "New Word Count" box to tell the Rewriter how many words you'd like that selection to become.

Keyword Including - You can list keywords (1 per line) that the Rewriter should attempt to include in the new copy.

Additional Instructions - You can also pass along any extra prompts or context for the Rewriter to follow.

Tone / Role / Audience - These let you specify different ways the Rewriter should rewrite your text.

To rewrite the selected text, simply click the "Generate" button.

When the new text is ready, it will appear in the window at the bottom of the rewriter.

You can see & edit the text directly in this window.

Click the "Add to Body" button to replace your currently selected text, or to insert new copy into the body of your content, at the current cursor location.

Section Keyword Features

On the Edit Tab, you can find some helpful controls for managing keywords in your outline, on the same screen as your written content

  • Remove Section Keyword - Clicking the red dash icon will remove a keyword from your outline. This will raise your keyword inclusion score, if the keyword was not included in your copy.

  • Copy Section Keyword - Clicking the copy icon will copy the keyword to your clipboard, for easy pasting into the body content or anywhere else.

  • Send to Rewriter - Clicking the green pencil icon will automatically add the keyword to the "Try to include these keywords..." list, in the AI Rewriting Assistant.

  • Adding a Section Keyword - Clicking the + icon next to a section header will allow you to add a keyword to your outline. Doing this will allow the content analysis to include checks for this new keyword, along with all the others.

Body Text Searching - You can use the provided search box to search for any text within the body text. Any instances of matching text will be highlighted in the body.

Publishing Content

When you've published content to your site, it's important to let Demandwell know the URL it's live on.

You can do this in the AI Writer by using the "Mark as Published" button at any time.

Managing AI Writer Content Pieces

Save & Close

Once you've opened your content in the AI Writer, you can use the "Save & Close" button at any time to save the state of your work, and go back to the Content Plan.


AI Writer content pieces that you've started but not finished can be found in the "In Progress" tab of the Content Plan.

Marking as Published

Let Demandwell know the URL of your published content by clicking "Mark as published" on the AI Writer (above) or on the Content Plan (below).

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