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Syncing Internal Links from Demandwell to WordPress
Syncing Internal Links from Demandwell to WordPress

How to update the links that are displayed on your live site

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Once you've got the WordPress Integration setup, the last step to making your internal links live on your site is to Sync them from Demandwell to WordPress.

For this to work, please ensure you've done the following first

To sync Internal Links from Demandwell to your site:

Step 1) In the WordPress Admin, go to the "Demandwell Links" menu.

Step 2) Click the “Sync” button.

This will begin the process of adding and updating all your latest internal links.

When the new data is synced successfully, you’ll see a success message, and a link to view the new data on the Demandwell Links Admin Page.

Viewing Live Links on Your Site

Once links are successfully synced, they will immediately begin to appear to new site visitors and search engines.

You can see these new links in action by navigating to any page of your site that uses the [demandwell_links] shortcode and has links configured. These are clickable from the Demandwell Links Page, to easily test.

Caching Note: If you use a page caching solution and want to immediately begin showing your new internal links, you may need to clear your page or site cache first.

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