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Configure & Publish Internal Links in Demandwell
Configure & Publish Internal Links in Demandwell

How to control which links appear on pages across your site

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The Internal Link Mapper in Demandwell is used to control which links appear on which pages of your site. Links that you configure on the Link Mapper must be Saved and Published from Demandwell & then Sync'd to WordPress in order to display on your site. This means you can safely configure, save, and publish link configurations at any time, and only publish & sync when you're ready to update your site.

Step 1) Click your Avatar icon in Demandwell and select "Internal Links" from the menu. Or Click Here to Go To the Link Mapper.

Step 2) Using the search and filters to control which URLs you can see, check the boxes on the grid to indicate that internal links are displayed on "Source URLs" (rows) and point to specific "Destination URLs" (columns).

Step 3) Click β€œSave” at any time to keep your changes in place.

Step 4) When you are ready to begin making changes to your live site, click β€œSave & Publish” to make the new links available to your website for syncing.

Controling When Your Live Site Changes

Changing the live links on your website requires both Publishing from the Link Mapper and then Syncing from within the WordPress Admin.

If you only Save & Publish button in Demandwell, links will not yet be updated live on your website.

This allows you to save and change your settings on the Link Mapper, and Sync to update your live site, only when you're ready to.

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