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Content Ordering Email Notifications

List of email notifications that are sent during the writing process.

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Demandwell will send email notifications to users as content moves through the platform. These notifications will go directly to users who add a content piece to Demandwell, for them to keep track or order progress.

Your SEO Success Manager can also curate a list of specific email addresses (any other person or email list) that you'd like to additionally receive content notifications.

Notifications sent by Demandwell include:

  • A completed outline has been generated.

  • AI content writing has been completed.

  • An order for creating an outline has been placed.

  • An ordered outline has been returned to you for approval.

  • An ordered outline has been approved for writing.

  • An order for content writing has been placed.

  • Ordered content has been completed and delivered to you.

  • Content has been marked as published in Demandwell.

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