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Example of a Created Outline
Example of a Created Outline
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Writing content at scale can be best done when a standard format for outlining is established. While this may look different for every organization, here is an example that has worked well for us and our customers!

Example of a Completed Outline

Overall purpose:

Perceptyx is the most comprehensive listening solution available to illuminate your employee experience and see your whole organization thrive. Perceptyx is the only employee listening and people analytics platform that lets you design and executes a strategy as unique as you are. Select the listening type, channel, and cadence that’s right for you, then let us help you turn data into insights.

The main topic of this piece is People Analytics Software. Make sure to include at least 90% of the keywords. Write generally when explaining the advantages of People Analytics Software and how it can be helpful for companies' hr needs.



Section 1 (400 words)

H1: People Analytics Software

Instructions: Please explain what people analytics is and how it can be achieved via software.

Paragraph keywords:

  • people analytics software

  • best people analytics software

  • hr people analytics software

  • hr analytics software

  • software for hr analytics

  • workforce analytics software

Section 2 (300 words)

H2: What Is People Data Analysis?

Instructions: Please explain the features best analytics software should have.

Paragraph keywords:

  • hr analytics companies

  • people analytics

  • people data analytics

  • research on hr analytics

  • What is people data analysis?

  • workforce analytics in hr

Section 3 (300 words)

H2: People Analytics Examples

Instructions: You can pull examples from this page --- DO NOT mention specific client names --- For example: Do NOT use Columbia Sportswear Company, use - a large outdoor apparel retailer - or something similarly vague.

Paragraph keywords:

  • people analytics examples

  • people analytics metrics

  • hr analytics techniques

  • workforce analytics examples

  • excellence in people analytics

Section 4 (300 words)

H2: People Analytics Vs Hr Analytics

Instructions: You can talk about hr reporting tools in general and what they can do.

Paragraph keywords:

  • better people analytics

  • people analytics tools

  • Are people analytics and HR analytics the same?

  • hr analytics tools

  • people analytics vs hr analytics

Section 5 (200 words)

H2: People Analytics Trends

Instructions: review changes in people analytics reporting highlighting software as the most valuable trend

Paragraph keywords:

  • people analytics trends

  • people analytics strategy

  • people analytics technology

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