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SEO Monitors (Feature Overview)
SEO Monitors (Feature Overview)
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SEO Monitors Overview

Demandwell’s health suite pinpoints all the technical website components that will affect your SEO performance. Based on your software package, your level of health suite access may vary.

Select the primary navigation “Health” tab

Within the health suite homepage, you’ll see your account's top-level technical health items.

The Health suite is divided into 2 primary areas: Audits and Monitors. Click here for more information on Health Audits.

Monitors are automated crawls of your primary domain. Demandwell collects pertinent SEO data about your website’s content and code, to check for ongoing SEO errors.

Users may create monitors to check across multiple Infrastructure and Content oriented SEO criteria. These SEO factors are also examined further within Health Audits. Monitors may be completely customized to meet your SEO execution needs.

To create a Monitor, click the “Create Monitor” button at the top of the health page.

Select the URLs on your domain you would like to analyze. You may select your entire domain, or filter to specific URL groups (e.g. /blog/)

Click “Select Criteria” to choose from the current SEO criteria Demandwell crawls your website for. Choose from any standard group of criteria, or build your own custom monitor and select your preferred blend of criteria a la carte.

Last, choose your desired timeframe for crawls to occur. Demandwell currently runs crawls every 24 hours. Click “Build Monitor” and a new monitor card will appear as “Processing” on your SEO Health homepage.

Once complete loading, your new monitor will showcase overview information about the URLs included, and the total errors found. Click on the overview card to explore the details of your Monitor.

Within the monitor details page, you’ll see the full range of data from your SEO monitor. You may filter the known data using modifiers at the top of the page, search through the found URLs, sort or download your data.

Custom Monitors may utilize validation rules, to further zero in on the errors you’re looking for. Daisy chain together rules about what constitutes an error, and what should appear in your monitor.

To create a custom monitor, click "Create Monitor", and after selecting your desired URLs, when selecting your criteria, click "Create a Custom Monitor">

To adjust your monitor, you may further limit URLs, filter your data or update your criteria. Hit “Save monitor” to store your new monitor settings for later. Navigating away will reset your monitor to its original setup. Feel free to rename your monitor as well!

You may also subscribe to email updates about your Monitor, and the errors it finds. Select the arrow drop-down next to “Save Monitor” and click “enable Notifications” to receive weekly emails about the errors Demandwell identifies.

Paired with Health Audits, you can get complete coverage of your domain’s technical SEO health.

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