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Health Suite & Audits (Feature Overview)
Health Suite & Audits (Feature Overview)
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SEO Health Suite Overview

Demandwell’s health suite pinpoints all the technical website components that will affect your SEO performance. Based on your software package, your level of health suite access may vary.

Select the primary navigation “Health” tab

Within the health suite homepage, you’ll see your account's top-level technical health items.

The Health suite is divided into 2 primary areas: Audits and Monitors. Click here for more information on SEO Monitors.

Audits are consultant-led, comprehensive technical SEO audits of your full domain. Based on your package, any number of audits may be run through your contract.

Newly uploaded audits will showcase as an overview card on the Health homepage.

These dials are indicative of your overall scores within the three health audit categories:

  • Infrastructure: technical site items based on how your site is coded and loads

  • Content: words written on each page of your domain

  • Endorsements: backlinks from external sources

Click on this overview card to access the Audit details.

Within each audit are the SEO factor detail cards, showcasing if you passed or failed specific SEO criteria, and the number of errors found. Cards and SEO criteria are categorized by the level of impact on your SEO (high, med, low impact).

Click on a specific card to see the full detail of errors found. here you’ll find the SEO factor details about the error, what opportunity there is for technical changes, and action items on how to get things fixed.

Click on an action item under "Coach's Recommendation," to see todos for the found error. You may assign this today to a given user, set a due date, or mark it as published.

Full details on the errors in question are listed in the table below. You may search through to find URLs, or download the full list.

On the health home screen, your historical list of audits is accessible at the bottom of the health homepage. Click through each to backtrack, find previous errors and track performance moving forward.

Paired with SEO monitors, you can get complete coverage of your domain’s technical SEO health.

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