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Getting Started & Account Setup
Getting Started & Account Setup

Overview Demandwell, how to customize your settings, and how to get started.

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Let’s walk through some of the basics of the Demandwell platform, and how to further set up and customize your account.

Logging in

Your access will be provisioned by Demandwell's Customer Success Team, if you don't already have any.

Once you have access, you can log in at

For Google Workspace users, you can log in securely with Google Sign-in. Click “Continue with Google” and select the Google Workspace email address that matches the user created for you in Demandwell.

If you don't have a Google Workspace account to sign in with, Demandwell will create a user with any email address you need. You'll receive an email when this happens, so that you can set a password, to be used for future sign-ins.

Having trouble logging in? Send us an email for help any time, at

Primary Navigation

Within the Demandwell platform, users may have various levels of access to our suite of tools. Based on your account level, you may have one or several available tools to choose from, all dedicated to SEO execution.

At the top of the screen, you’ll see the various tools you have access to. Click on one to be taken to your dedicated SEO tool.

  • Campaigns — Your home for SEO Campaign Management - strategy and execution. This area allows you to discover new campaigns, manage existing ones, get on-page recommendations and suggestions to improve your primary pages, and chart a path for creating new SEO content.

  • Keywords — This page serves as a Library of keywords associated with your Demandwell account. Keywords that you add here can be combined to create new SEO Campaigns.

  • Content — Your home for creating SEO Content. Create SEO content outlines using real-time keyword research, write long-form SEO content with the Demandwell AI Writer, and track published page performance. You can also place orders for outlining and content writing from Demandwell's Content Team here.

  • Reporting — See high-level aggregate performance reports in Demandwell's Need-to-Lead Funnel and create customized reports across any metrics or dates, all using integrated performance data from your Google Search Console account.

  • Health — View SEO Health Scorecards from Demandwell's technical site audits, to discover what's working, what isn't, and what site improvements are needed to improve rankings.

Account preferences

At the top right-hand portion of the screen, you’ll see your user name and icon. Click on it to open your account level drop-down, with your name and email address.

Under “My Account” you’ll see the various account preferences items that you can customize, to further control your software instance.

Instruction Templates

It is highly recommended to add Instruction Templates to your account, to help streamline the content creation process. Templates can be used to automatically populate instructions and prompts for any writer (AI or Human), and can even dynamically include contextual keywords.

Use templates to help you "set it and forget it" when using features like 1-Click Content creation!

Keyword exclusions

It is highly recommended to add keywords that you never want to see recommended in a Content Outline to your Keyword Exclusions list. This list ensures that Demandwell-generated Content Outlines won't contain keywords that match OR contain the exclusion terms you enter.

Health Audits & URL Exclusions

If you have purchased Technical Health Audits from Demandwell, the results of these will appear as "SEO Health Scorecards" on the "Health" page. If there are URLs that you want to always skip or omit from results, you can add those to your account's URL Exclusion List.


Demandwell leverages data from Google Search Console to provide insights on keywords, URLs, and SEO activity. On the Integrations page in your account settings, you can connect to Google Search Console.

User management

Currently, Demandwell does not have user seat limits, you may have as many people access as needed. If you need to give access to a new user, contact your SEO Success Manager, or email

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