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Content Instructions & Analysis (Best Practices)

Drafting instructions for SEO performance copywriting.

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Once your outline is complete, you’re ready to craft instructions for the production of your SEO performance copy. This process can be as detailed or simplistic as you want and depends on the writer you will be using, and how easily they can connect the keyword subject matter to your business.

Once ordered, you may also check the content within Demandwell to ensure it meets your desired keyword and content standards for organic performance once published on site.

Speed vs. Quality: How to Meet Your Goals

When crafting your instructions, you’ll need to keep in mind what’s most important to your digital copy needs.

At its core SEO is a game of technical optimization, copywriting, and volume. To rank well for the best keywords, you’ll need a lot of published content on your domain, utilizing the right mix of optimized keywords. In every instance, a larger domain will have more relevancy than a smaller domain, because there are more pages for Google to examine, read, and assign value to.

Demandwell recommends prioritizing a process that facilitates the creation of SEO performance copy quickly and repeatedly. This helps users target keywords for net new content creation, to then publish and increase relevancy scores in the eyes of Google.

To meet that objective, Demandwell recommends finding the right balance for crafting instructions that is less time intensive. The goal is to publish long-form content frequently!

However, you and your business are the ultimate keepers of what content should go live on your site, and that quality therein. If you have higher standards for content going live, then take the time to craft instructions for your copywriter that will ensure the final product is one you will be happy with.

Crafting your content instructions

Once your outline is structured, click the navigation tab “Edit / Write Instructions” to move to the instructions page. Here you will see each section you specified, and the keywords assigned for each, along with text blocks to place or draft guidance for your copywriter.

The first text block is intended to provide overview information about the page you are crafting. You will want to provide an overview of the primary keyword you are targeting, what it means, and how it connects to your business. Feel free to provide any relevant links here as well, to further guide a writer to the right information.

Individual section text blocks are intended for you to provide guidance about what this section could entail. From a narrative perspective, make the connections to the H2 keyword for this section, and how it relates back to the primary keyword overall.

The trick with drafting instructions is finding the right balance for depth needed, to the right output from your copywriter. Certain freelancers may need more input from you, while an in-house content manager might be able to take a page outline with no instructions and simply write. There’s no right or wrong way to approach this, so use your best judgment.

Exporting and ordering your content

Once all of your instructions have been written, click the “review & order” tab to download your creative brief.

From here you can see the page outline that you’ve crafted, the keywords for the writer to include and the instructions for each section. If something looks off, or if you need to make a change, feel free to click on the previous navigation tabs for further adjustments.

Once your copy is handed off, the status will be changed within Demandwell to “Being written” and now we wait! Feel free to switch gears to technical SEO fixes, additional content outlines or other marketing work.

Content analysis for SEO performance

Once your copywriter is finished with your order, Demandwell’s Analyzer tool allows you to import the final copy, to double-check that the keywords you requested are in fact used throughout the content. This helps ensure once you go live, you get the maximum potential for organic success.

Within the content plan for your specific piece, click the “Analyze” button to open the Analyzer tool. Here copy and paste in your final copy, to see your SEO scoring criteria.

Demandwell helps you identify which requested keywords from your outline are utilized, and missing within your copy, and meets your word count criteria. Remember, the more keywords and text on the page, the better it will perform in the eyes of Google!

Within the analyzer you may edit or change your text as you see fit, our software does live-saving and backup so your work will always be stored.

Once the copy meets your standards, it is ready for publication on your website! From here you may export or download the content, and take it into your CMS to publish live! Yahoo!

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