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Excluding Keywords from Outlines
Excluding Keywords from Outlines
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Overview: The keyword exclusion feature allows Content writers to refine their brand voice by defining the preferences for which keywords should not be included in their written content. By telling Demandwell what words you don’t want to be included, writers can drastically reduce the time an outline takes to accurately produce high-quality content relevant to their industry and brand.

How it works: The exclusion list, which can be accessed by both the outline generator and your content settings, relies on ‘contains’ logic. Meaning: all keywords you add to it will be excluded from your list. This will prevent these keywords from being added to your outline generation process going forward.

For example, you are a tech organization that sells software to auto dealers. You want to write content that ranks for ‘auto dealership performance software’ but you might not want to rank for ‘auto dealerships near me'. You can add the words ‘near me' to your exclude list, which will prevent these from being suggested by Demandwell and added to your outline.


Q: “When I add a keyword to my exclusion list, will it always be there?”

A: Yes. When you add a keyword to your exclusion list, it will stay with your account and apply to all content going forward.”

Q: “How does Demandwell exclude keywords?"

A: Demandwell will exclude keywords in your outline generator based on 'contains' logic. For example - if you want to exclude the word 'free' from your outline suggestions, this will remove all keywords suggestions *containing* the word 'free', such as "free software" or "software for free".

Q: “What exactly is excluded in Demandwell by my keyword exclusion list?”

A: Adding keywords to an exclusion list will prevent them from being suggested in outlines. Keywords that can be added to your exclusion list can still be found in reporting features, and are available as a primary keyword to write content for.

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