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An overview of Demandwell's Instruction Templates feature that lets you automatically generate ready-to-write content outlines.

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Instruction Templates Overview

Demandwell's Content Instruction Templates let you create context-aware templates that are used to provide instructions to your content writers. These can be used for any writer, whether you order content from Demandwell or assign it to your in-house team, outsourced writers, or agency partner.

You can create templates for both the Overall Purpose of a content piece, as well as for the sections that make up a piece of content.

Templates that you set to default will automatically be used to populate instructions on new content outlines that you generate with Demandwell. You can also choose to use different templates at any time, and even edit & customize the instructions for each outline uniquely.

Using Templates in Content Outlines

When you generate an outline with Demandwell, we'll automatically use the templates you've created to populate writer instructions, saving you time re-typing and copy/pasting.

Once an outline has been generated, you can navigate to the Instructions tab of the Outline Generator to change and even customize the instructions entered.

You can change the instruction templates that are used for the Overall Purpose copy, as well as for each individual section.

There's also a control to bulk-change all section instructions to use the same template, in a single click.

Creating & Managing Templates

Templates can be managed from the Content Settings page, found by clicking on your avatar in the upper-right corner of Demandwell.

To create a new template, click "New Instruction Template" and enter the Name, Type, and Instruction copy desired.

  • Name - Any name that helps you remember what it's for!

  • Type - Select "Overall" for the Overall Purpose copy & "Section" for templates that can be used for individual, sections of the outline's body.

  • Instructions - The actual body of the instructions you want to have automatically inserted into the outline.

To edit a template, simply open its dropdown view within the templates list, update information as needed, then click "Save".

Note: When you edit the instructions body of a template, it will only apply to new outlines going forward. Editing will not disrupt any outlines that you have in-flight or have previously generated using these instructions.

Default Templates

You can assign one default template from both the Overall and Section templates lists. These will be the ones that are used by default when you generate an Outline in Demandwell.

To change the default template in either list, use the overflow menu to the right of any existing template.

Dynamic Keyword Placeholders

You can use dynamic keyword placeholders inside the Instructions body to tell Demandwell to automatically insert the Target Keyword of a content piece, or even the primary keyword for each, individual section.

While writing instructions, open the "Dynamic Content" dropdown and select either the TARGET_KEYWORD or SECTION_KEYWORD placeholder to automatically insert it into the Instructions body.

  • TARGET_KEYWORD (H1) - Demandwell will replace this placeholder with the Target Keyword for the content piece. This works in both Overall Purpose and Section Instructions.

  • SECTION_KEYWORD (H2)- Demandwell will replace this placeholder with the primary keyword of a given section. This placeholder is not usable in the Overall Purpose.

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