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Keyword Lifecycle Stage
Keyword Lifecycle Stage

Demandwell's unique Keyword Lifecycle is a maturity model that shows how you're performing for keywords & what to do to improve rank & ROI.

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Demandwell uses a proprietary maturity model to classify how well you're sourcing ROI from organic search, and uses this as the foundation for generating recommendations that help you win over time.

We call this our Keyword Lifecycle Stage, and we lay out each of the 5 steps to dominating search with it below.

Stage 1 - Unranked πŸ”Ž

Don't worry - this is where everyone starts!

Keywords in Stage 1 are ones you don't rank for today, and there will always be WAY more of them compared to the ones you're focused on.

If you've got a keyword in Stage 1 that you'd like to start leveraging to drive organic revenue, creating your first Demand Page is a great way to jump-start your journey.

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Stage 2 - Low Rank πŸ“ˆ

You've got some traction, but likely aren't being seen by searchers.

Stage 2 keywords mean you're showing up in search, but users likely have to click beyond the 1st page of results in order to see you.

To get in front of the biggest audience possible, Demandwell's unique Supporting Post recommendations help you boost the keywords you care about with real-time, relvant keyword intelligence.

Stage 3 - 1st Page πŸ“£

You're on the first page of results, but likely below the fold.

If you have keywords in Stage 3, you're showing up on the first page of results, but still lower than those at the very top.

The top 3 organic search results get 75% of the clicks, and Demandwell's reveals the most effective link building opportunities to help you be king of the hill.

Stage 4 - Top 3 πŸ†

You've shown you're an authority, but not yet capturing optimal traffic.

Keywords in Stage 4 are showing up in the top 3 search results! You're in prime position for these keywords and it's time to ensure you're attracting the clicks that drive user interaction on your site.

To make you stand out, Demandwell recommends click-through rate optimizations for your pages and search listings that drive searchers home.

Stage 5 - Optimized 🏁

You're winning search, and it's time to make it rain.

Stage 5 keywords are masters of their search universe. Now it's time to maintain your position, while focusing on conversion rate strategies that drive organic searchers into your sales pipeline.

Demandwell's Demand Pages are designed and optimized uniquely for your business & sales process, to help you test, optimize, and capture on-page conversions for the best ROI possible.

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