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Need-to-Lead Funnel User Guide
Need-to-Lead Funnel User Guide

How to connect Google Search Console and Analytics to Demandwell

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Demandwell's Need-to-Lead Funnel is a comprehensive view of the key metrics that show how your Demand Pages address organic prospects' needs, improve your rankings in search, and drive engagement from intentful leads.

Demandwell gives you this insight by identifying the most important datapoints about your organic strategy, and integrating directly to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics views & properties.

User Access Requirements

In order to integrate Google Search Console with Demandwell, you will need to be able to sign into a Google user account that has at least "Restricted" access to the desired Google Search Console Property.

Connecting to Google Search Console & Google Analytics

Step 1 - On the unconnected view of the funnel, select "Connect with Google" to launch the Google consent workflow.

Step 2 - In the pop-up window that appears, select the Google user that has access to the Google Search Console and Analytics accounts for your site.

Required - The user you select must have at least "Restricted" access to the desired Google Search Console property.

Step 3 - Review the permissions Demandwell asks for, and click Allow.

Step 4 - To configure the Need-to-Lead Funnel for your specific site, select the Google Analytics account, property, and view you most frequently use. Click "Confirm" to continue.

Step 5 - Next, select the Google Search Console property that matches the Google Analytics View you previously selected, and click "Confirm". (This may look different from the screenshot depending on how your Search Console was originally configured).

Step 6 - To complete the configuration, review your selections and click "Confirm Connections". If you made a mistake, you can use the pencil icons to edit your choice in any step, before confirming.

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